Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I join now before the store is built?

The Co-op needs YOU! To get the funding to build the store, the Co-op needs to demonstrate the commitment of the community. Becoming a member shows your commitment to this community-led and community-owned project.

Where will the Co-op be located?

The Co-op has signed an agreement with VietAID, a non-profit developer, to rent commercial space in their affordable housing complex in the Bowdoin-Geneva commercial district. The building, located at the corner of Bowdoin and Topliff Streets contains 41 units of affordable housing, and 6,000 sf on the ground floor at 195 Bowdoin St. for the Dorchester Food Co-op. This central location is on a bus route, and a ten minute walk from rapid transit. The site includes 24 dedicated parking spaces for the Co-op, as well as on-street parking.

What if I buy a membership now and the Co-op doesn’t open?

If the Co-op does not open and the organization is dissolved, any remaining member contributions would be returned.

How will ALL the money be raised?

The Co-op will be financed through a combination of membership equity shares, donations, non-voting preferred stock investments, grants, and loans from banks and co-op loan funds.

When will the store open?

VietAID was awarded affordable housing tax credits from the Commonwealth of MA in February 2020, and started construction on the building in January, 2021. The Co-op began fitting out the interior of our store fall of 2022, and grand opening is planned for this summer, 2023!

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